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Facts About Casino Holdem

Casino holdem is an incredibly popular poker game. It is the online equivalent of Texas holdem. The only difference between the two is that the former is an adapted version of the latter, it acts as an online version and players play against the house from their personal computer as opposed to Texas holdem which is played among other players. The game can also be played with casino holdem live dealers where you play against the dealer live in real time.

An unlimited number of players can now play this game in real time on their PC's. Competing against the dealer provides a world class poker experience. The game is easily played with a single standard 52 card deck and the cards are shuffled after every game.

Live Casino Holdem Benefits:

  • Interacting with other players and live dealers
  • Bonuses can be claimed
  • Enjoy playing at the comfort of your home
  • It actually replicates the thrill of playing in a real casino
  • How To Play The Game:

  • A bet is placed on the Ante/initial bet
  • Two cards are dealt out by the dealer with two facing up to you and the other two facing down to the dealer.
  • In the middle of the table, three cards which are common for you and the dealer are dealt facing up.

  • From this point, one can either fold which implies losing your initial bet or you may call the dealer. Calling the dealer triggers the dealing of another two additional cards known as the turn and the river. These are dealt on the table and the dealer opens up his cards. The winner is determined right away from the outcomes. The outcomes could be:
  • If the dealer does not draw a hand of 4's or something better, he fails to qualify and you win regardless of the hand you may have.
  • If the dealer has a hand of 4's or better making him qualify. But if you have a stronger hand, you will win twice the ante bet.
  • If the dealer qualifies with a stronger hand than you, you have to forfeit twice the amount of the bet.
  • Casino Holdem Tips:

    Since most games involve muse of skills, a number of ways do exist to increase the chances of winning. You should only fold 17%-18% of your hands. The rules below could enhance the chances of winning:

  • if you draw a pair, king high or an ace high, always raise.
  • if you draw a straight draw or a flush draw, always raise.
  • if you have two over cards, which are higher than the three visible on the board, always raise.

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