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Online Bingo

There's a mini revolution taking place in the UK - as thousands of people secretly flood to join in some serious fun and games. No - we're not talking about anything naughty - we're talking about online bingo, the ultimate guilt-free treat that you'll want to be your own little haven of chill out time. Take a look at why online bingo is the UK's fastest growing online leisure pursuit....

It's hip
The celebs are splashed all over the glossy mags, playing their fav game - yep, it's bingo! There are even countless web parlours covered in celebrity endorsements! The fashionable new image of bingo is thanks to the revolutionary bingo sites, which have taken the offline game and modelled it into something with great looks, mass appeal and a classy feel-good vibe.

It's affordable
It sure is - with games from 5 to 10 pence - just search your pockets for pennies and off you go. What's more, you can play according to you own budget, with high value cards and multi-ticket gaming options in both 75 and 90 ball bingo.

The games are cool
The hottest bingo parlours contains cool graphics and themed games - the ideal way to get in the feel good mood. You can chat live during games, and with split screen functionality - it's a crazy mix of gossip, laughs and spinning bingo balls!

The payouts are dreamy
Bingo payouts can literally range from 0.10 - all the way to incredible 10,000.00 plus progressive jackpots! Considering bingo is all about fun and entertainment - it offers a pretty tasty side effect for lucky players.

And - you can play for freebies!
Bingo gamers can get their hands on endless freebies, ranging from free-play bonus credit chat games, cool competitions to win expensive consumer goods - and even free bingo tokens when you sign-up (without making a deposit!)

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