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Poker rake back giving online poker players a little bit of extra money

A lot of people are already familiar with a rake on an online poker site. The rake is normally the amount of money that a poker site will take on the winnings that are generated. Normally the online poker site will only take a few pennies on the dollar of the winnings that they give out to their patrons.

In many accounts players are oblivious to the amount of money that the online poker sites are taking off of the top of their winnings. The rake is the amount of money that allows the online poker site to continue to operate.

What poker rakeback does is it refunds a player the amount of money that they have contributed to the poker sites rake. Basically, if you are engaging in online poker play then you are contributing to a rake. Normally, at the end of the month an online poker site will tally up the amount of money that it made that month.

After the site has figured up the amount of funds that they generated for that month, they then take the funds and disperse about 30-40% of the rake funds that they have on hand to players that helped add to the rake. Inadvertently any player that commenced in game play for the previous month will end up getting some source of return on their investment.

Different online poker sites offer different stipulations for their rakes. So, the best thing that you can do if you are interested in becoming a part of poker rakeback deals is to find an online poker site that caters to giving out of some their funds that they make to players.

Some sites release their rake funds once a month for most pokerrooms. However, as interest in poker rake back is increasing significantly they are offering rake backs once a week for big sites such as Full Tilt Poker. Honestly, who does not want a little bit of extra money in their pockets?

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