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Where to Practice Internet Poker

It is quite obvious that at no time previously in the history of the United States (or, for that matter, the world at large) have so many people acquired such a rabid desire to learn the game of poker, video poker or any other online game. Making this phenomenon all the more striking is the great rapidity in which it has unfolded. People who normally wouldn’t dream of gambling are now talking about flopping sets, finding poker bonuses, split pots and other poker stuff.

Looking back through the decades that have come before, it is not difficult to isolate moments in which the national zeitgeist was captured by a particular trend or diversion. For instance, when the hula hoop first appeared on the scene, it was only a matter of weeks before every kid on every block in suburban America had a hoop of his or her own. From this and other examples we can see how quickly our collective attention can be drawn to something new falling under the general category of recreation or entertainment.

So, on one level, the speed of poker's current growth should not be considered unusual. However, a closer examination of the matter brings one large discrepancy to mind. In particular, poker is not a game which can be easily learned, much less mastered. Let's face it, unless you are a hopelessly uncoordinated individual, you can probably get the hang of a hula hoop after less than an hour of practice. But, if you are a rank novice seeking to build a solid poker game, you had better be prepared to devote a substantial amount of time toward that endeavour.

It is only honest to admit that Americans - especially those of us living in the 21st century - are not generally known for having long attention spans. A lot of people are more interested in finding the best poker bonuses than in actually learning how to play poker. We are a society obsessed with instant gratification, which makes the phenomenon of amateurs taking the time to learn poker not only unusual, but inspiring.

Obviously, the Internet plays a huge role in introducing millions of new players to this venerable game. However, the Internet is like any other tool, in that it must be used properly in order to derive maximum benefit. Therefore, many new players are a bit confused when it comes to the matter of practicing internet poker. In particular, how is one able to do this without placing actual money at risk? Fortunately, this is an issue which can be easily resolved, thanks to the broad range of Web sites offering free play (or as you may often find it referred to, playing for fun money. A simple Google search is sure to reveal dozens of options where you can practice poker for free. Another option is to read unbiased online poker reviews that contain information about the poker room's software, player traffic and much more.

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