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Video Poker

When it comes to a casino game that perfectly mirrors the crazy vibe but serious jackpot power of Las Vegas, video poker is the ultimate choice. However, the unique game that blends real poker hands with the ease of click and play slot buttons and electronic cards, has become a massive success in online casinos. So check out the easy rules, mega payouts and skill features that make it a must play for all gamers...

Video poker rules

Playing video poker is like walking up to a slot machine and clicking the spin button, only this time rather than 777's and melons, you have all the classic playing cards that you'd find with traditional poker. What's more, you get to choose which cards to hold and discard:

1. Find the video poker genre to match your skill & desire
2. Select a bet value by clicking
3. Press the start button to get gaming
4. Check out the cards dealt by the machine
5. Click to hold/discard your cards
6. The machine deals again and you win or lose

Video poker payouts

Most basic video poker games payouts from 1 coin for Jacks or Better, to a massive 4000 coins for a Royal Flush. However, it's important to realise that the actual reward will be dependent on the number of coins and the coin value used. For example, most video poker games have 4 coin options 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins). Each time you use another coin, the payout potential increases. For instance, the max 4000 coin payout is only activated if you're using 4 coins, and if you win with only 1 coin, you'll only receive a 1000 coin payout (which can still by the way be worth mega bucks!) Naturally, when you combine the coin payout scope with the actual bet value, you get to see the real payout power. Check out the example below:

Combo = Royal Flush
Coin value = 10.00
Coin number = 4
Payout: 4000 x 10 = 40,000.00

Video poker strategy

Video poker is without a doubt one of the most responsive skill and strategy games out there. And while it will take nerve, a big bankroll and dedication to become a real high rolling gamer, anyone can quickly start gaming with basic skill for much more fun and better reward prospects! Every genre of video poker needs playing with a specific strategy, to ensure you make the right holding and discarding decisions. However, they're freely available with a quick web search. The best way to get gaming with skill is to play with free no-deposit casino bonuses, until you're ready to lay down the cash and get gaming more like a pro.

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